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Frequently asked questions

1. On home page I see empty box in the middle of the screen.
This WEB site requires Adobe flash player. Click here to install it.

2. Why panels on the right (forex and indices) are empty?
This WEB site requires browser with Ajax support. You can use Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Explorer, Opera, Safari and similar.

3. Ticker is very slow, why?
This could be issue with your version of Adobe flash player. Try to install latest version of Adobe flash player. If this doesn't help, try other WEB browser. Best performance could by achived by Google Chrome, Microsoft Explorer and all other browser which use flash player as ActiveX control.

4. How can I choose symbol displayed on chart?
See chart tutorial.

5. How can I add indicator to chart?
See chart tutorial.

6. How can I draw drawing tools on chart?
See chart tutorial.

7. Data on chart and "recently used panel" are not the same?
Web site is reading data for chart and all other components (panels and ticker) separately. So it could happen that it refreshes chart, but still waiting to refresh "recently used panel".